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Possible student action group

Have a read of this. What do you think?

Don’t palm us off!

See, Think and Wonder

Look at the images presented on Tag Galaxy that are people’s representations of Tsunami.

taggalaxy.com enter tsunami

How do these make you feel?

What do the images show?

Now look at the following video

How does watching this make you feel? What does it make you feel about the people living through this?

Does this video match the images shown in Tag Galaxy?

I wonder how these people are going now? What can we do to keep the people of Japan in our thoughts?

Paper crane is a symbolic gesture of thought and peace.

How to make a paper crane

Create a paper crane wall to be used as gesture of our thoughts and prayers to all around the world during hardship & suffering.

Thought provoking


What CAN you do?

Our Asian Neighbours

A common practice all around the globe

Let’s hear the music

Watch this musical video